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What we do

Heritage roots provide a wide range of services and activities related to cultural heritage, art, and archaeological fields. we use our experience and educational background to deliver our services in the most interactive and exciting way, we work together to feel and live the art and the heritage

we work with:

Kids at Schools or Small Private Groups,
Students in Middle and High Schools
Universities, Academies and Educational Centers
Elders and Seniors in Community Centers 

Education Programs and Workshops

Kids/ Students Workshops
Women Workshops
Heritage Games

Archaeological Field Works

Restoration and Excavations Works
Rehabilitation and Emergency Intervention
Advises Research and Studies
Documentation and Evaluation

Arts and Design

Graphic Works and Books InDesign
Exhibitions and Campaigns
Museums and Institutional Branding

Heritage protection

Monitoring at Sites
Authentication Artifacts
Documentation and Research

Immigrant Heritage

Workshops to Protect the Heritage of the Immigrants/Refugees
Educational Programs to Integrate the Newcomers Using the Cultural Heritage

The Archaeologist News Platform

TheArchaeologist.news is a non-profit, online platform dedicated to Heritage, cultural and archaeology news.

Why Us?

Best Results of research & projects

We ensure to deliver the best results for the research and projects we work on

15 Years of Experience

We are in the field for more than fifteen years and worked on many International Projects

Worldwide Professional Network

Our worldwide network contains professional and Academic Partners around the world and the Middle east

Gravestone, made of carved white marble; rectangular with stepped apex. A bulbous mosque lamp and stylised trees of life carved on one side, while other side carved with two mosque lamps in baroque scrolls. Inscribed.